Web Consultant, Kuwait

Ali Almoosawi a web consultant from Kuwait started using the internet since 1990 when he was living in Orlando Florida and created his first website in 1994 after he got back to Kuwait, the internet at that time was all about search, chat and emails but in 2002 he decided to open the first Web Design and Development company in Kuwait.

1998 Google search engine launched and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) function was one of the things that he started learning besides building and developing websites, it is an important procedure which will make websites rank at the top pages and even in the first page of Google’s search results for any related business, it was also called SERP (Search Engine Results Pages). 2008 online advertising started to boom along with social media in 2010 and it become the major methodology to market any business and best place to advertise.

The web consultant Ali Almoosawi also likes to enjoy traveling and riding his motorcycle around the world meeting different people and learning habits and lifestyles from different cultures and not to forget, trying their food. He prefers to ride in mountains to enjoy nature and during morning time he prefers the beach.

His plan for the coming years is to ride his motorcycle around different countries starting from west Europe, it will also include England especially the country side of it and once winter arrives he will try to find a place hopefully a small town in Europe to rest and relax and plan his next trip.

These plans will need to stop for sometime since he decided to run in the next election to be a member of the Kuwaiti parliament.

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