Experience vs Achievements!

What does matter most when it comes to providing a service, experience or achievements?

When you wish to hire a web consultant┬áto provide you with his professional web services, you don’t look for how long this person is experienced in his field only, but you need to see what did he achieve for other businesses.

Many companies choose the type of services they need to implement online in advance before even looking for the company to provide the services, and this is the first mistake in kuwait market. You don’t become experienced in other services field just by reading few blog posts and articles about the digital marketing, social media and advertising business and then decide what you need, otherwise…you will sink in many mistakes that everyone is doing when looking for a digital marketing company.

If you wish to represent your business online in a professional manner, then make sure to hire a web consultant so you don’t make mistakes that will cost you a lot of money and you end up contracting with more than one web solutions or digital marketing company and none of them will get you the results you are looking for.

Have in mind that 99% of marketing, social media, seo…etc. articles and blog posts that you find online will only show you the major look and idea for a service, they will never get deep into how you should build up your marketing strategy plan and how it should be implemented, or why they established their company? You will only read and understand the general idea of the business but never the practice.


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